Epson POS Printer Troubleshooting Guide

STEP 1: Restart Printer

a) Printer is Correctly Connected to the Router – Printout go to STEP 3.

Correct Connected Epson to Ethernet

b) Failed to Connect to the Router – Printout go to STEP 2.

Failed to connected to router

STEP 2: Check the Internet Cables

a) Check the Ethernet Cable is plugged into the back of the Printer. Check for cracks on the Ethernet cable (If the cable runs on the floor we have seen wear and tear that has cut the wires inside the cable). Please replace.

If the cables are good go to Step 3.

STEP 3: Check the Internet

a) Using any device that is connected to the same router via wifi or ethernet (ie Phone, Tablet or Computer) open a browser and go to any website. If nothing displays then it’s an internet connectivity issue. Try restarting your router. Failing this contact your Internet Service Provider.
If the Internet is working then go to STEP 4.

STEP 4: Soft Resetting the Printer

a) Turn the printer off.
b) Use a paper clip or the tip of a pen, press and hold the reset on the back of the printer:
c) While holding the reset button, turn the printer on. …
After 5 seconds, a long receipt will print.
Immediately let go of the reset button and wait for the printout similar to STEP 1, a).

IMPORTANT (Make sure to release as soon as there is a printout, since any longer than 10 seconds, the printer might possibly factory reset. Then we have to reprogram the printer).

If successful then customer receipts should print now.

If this doesn’t resolve then go to STEP 5.

Epson TM POS Printer Reset

STEP 5: PRINTER Still Not Printing

IF Any of these steps fail to resolve the print Issue, please post in your Whatsapp Support chat.

Thank you

POS Printer Connectivity

a) There is a printer selection button on top of the POS page, click on it and make sure you have chosen the right printer.