restaurant management app

Don't let high commissions
eat into your profits.
With FoodMe, you're in control.

FoodMe integrates App ordering, sales, marketing, order
management and delivery so that you can focus on growing your business.

restaurant management app

There's a lot on your plate.
Customize FoodMe to work the
way you do.

FoodMe integrates App Ordering, sales, marketing, order
management and delivery so that you can focus on growing your business.

Restaurant Management Software App

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App Benefits & Features

app for restaurant management

Your App, Your Brand

Get your own self-branded app and take control of your customer base. Allow your customers to connect in the most convenient way. Orders, Reservations and much more.

Food Delivery for your Customers

Food Delivery at your Door Step

The FoodMe platform has integrated Delivery orders into 3rd party delivery companies that specialize in food handling. Now serving Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, and parts of the GTA.

online food ordering platform

Food Delivery for your Customers

Food Delivery at your Door Step

The FoodMe platform has integrated Delivery orders into 3rd party delivery companies that specialize in food handling. Now serving across Canada in all major Urban and Suburban areas!

online food ordering platform
restaurant management application

A POS that integrates with your App

An easy to use cloud based POS for both full & quick service restaurants that fully integrates with app ordering

Assets to Grow your Brand

Offering proven revenue generating brand assets that will meet your sales goals. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

restaurant management system software
restaurant management software

Sales & Marketing

An experienced and dedicated team of marketing specialists working to enhance your revenue goals.

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FoodMe: All-in-one restaurant management software

Are you hungry for a software solution that will whisk away your order processing and delivery headaches? FoodMe is an online restaurant management system designed to optimize your back-of-house processes and allow you to concentrate on what matters most – making your customers drool. With FoodMe, you can savour the joy of running a perfectly managed restaurant.

One app for comprehensive restaurant management

Sometimes, operating a restaurant feels like walking a tightrope while juggling knives and solving math equations. But with FoodMe, you can break the chains of multi-tasking and keep all your processes in one place.

Think of FoodMe as your self-branded, customizable app that puts you in the driver’s seat of your sales and customer base. From taking and processing orders to tracking deliveries, the FoodMe platform helps you develop your inhouse business and brand.

  • No unexpected expenses. FoodMe is here to help you eliminate those pesky missing items reported by customers. FoodMe enables you to bring your food to customers while keeping unplanned expenses from eating into your bottom line.
  • No more calling. Allow your staff to focus on delivering the most tantalizing service instead of answering phone calls. The FoodMe app for food orders displays all requests in your system and prints directly into your kitchen. Let your cooking maestros focus on their art, not distinguishing someone’s handwriting.
  • No more proxies. Connect directly to your customers without relying on third-party platforms. With the FoodMe platform as your restaurant management app, you can control your marketing campaigns and target your audience with promotions, limited-time deals, and push messages for app users.

Bring your masterpieces from the kitchen to the door

Distance should never stand in the way of savoring the heavenly flavors of your dishes. FoodMe is on a mission to ensure your customers’ cravings are satisfied, delivering a memorable taste experience no matter where they are.

  • Delivery. With FoodMe, you can seamlessly collaborate with Canadian food delivery services, making distribution a breeze. Reach customers in Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, and various other locations across the GTA without hassle.
  • In-app tips. Our food delivery management app allows you to collect payments and tips via your payment gateway. No more fumbling for cash or dealing with transactions. Enjoy your hard-earned money safely delivered to your account.
  • No hiring. Managing a delivery team can be a logistical nightmare that you shouldn’t have to worry about. With FoodMe, you can bypass the complexities of hiring couriers. Focus on crafting exquisite dishes, not on micro-management.

Take your POS to the cloud

Is there a more powerful pairing than FoodMe’s cloud-based POS system and your app? Our comprehensive restaurant business management software brings together all the tools you require for seamless operations within and beyond your establishment. Our POS suite includes support for multiple tablet POS stations, efficient order printing, and a unified customer account system.

Furthermore, you’ll gain access to real-time reporting, providing you with continuously updated insights into your business’s performance. Use this dynamic data to make informed decisions and stay connected to the evolving needs of your customers!

FoodMe’s marketing magic at your service

With FoodMe, you gain access to a dedicated team of professional marketers committed to elevating your profits to new heights. Our primary objective is to keep you closely connected to your audience, attract more visitors, and ensure a steady flow of orders. How do we achieve this? We intensify our omnichannel efforts to position your restaurant as the premier spot in the area, leveraging strategies such as email marketing, social media ads, and tailored branding solutions.

The FoodMe online restaurant management system is available as a demo. Try it for free in the way that works for your restaurant!

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